New Vehicle De-Manufacturing Facility, Design-Build

Client: My Auto Store
Location: Camden, NJ
Construction Type: Pre-Engineered Buildings
Project Scope: Design-Build, Exterior & Interior Renovations, New Construction & Additions, Repairs & Remediations
Client Industry: Civil & Industrial, Factory & Warehouse, Pre-Engineered Buildings

Napoli Construction renovated an existing building into an automotive disassembly facility having 4 lines each with 11 stations. This project proposes to construct 1 of the 4 (Line #3) disassembly lines on the interior of the existing building and the infrastructure for 2 lines (#3 & #4) under the new canopy. The new canopy is a full width, 141’ x 70’long, 3-sided pre-engineered building constructed on the south endwall. It has a finished floor elevation 32” lower than the existing building. Greening operations which remove the fluids from the vehicles will be performed under the canopy. The disassembly lines will carry vehicles through the building on engineered carts which will sit on top of conveyors.

Project photo of EMR: New Vehicle De-Manufacturing Facility, Design-Build (Camden, NJ)